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Agenda: September 13th-15th, 2024

Day One: Dreamland Mixer

Day Two: Immersive Launch Party

Day Three: Elevate Mastermind

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What if you knew it would all get better from here?

what it is like to attend

  • meeting several dozens of likeminded individuals

  • an immersion light room experience

  • coaching that supports your business, mental state and emotional well-being

  • access to personal facebook group

  • vip experiences available

Our personal GUARANTEE

If you do not learn something which helps you on your healing journey in at the event, we will do what we need to in order to make it right PLUS you can keep the free gifts as a thank you for trusting us with your heart and healing journey.

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This is an educational event designed to help you heal your heart and attract your dream partner. However, we cannot guarantee your success without attendance and engagement, as results vary based on emotional readiness, dedication and willingness to grow. Any success really depends on if you are ready to make a HUGE change in your life. Everyone's results will vary because of your unique life experiences, choices and environment. Please note, if you are unable to attend, we can issue refunds but can assist in providing information and education to help support you. Our service guarantees are conditional upon the completion of required action steps within the specified time period, as detailed on the respective product and service pages.