In 2019, Air founded the 501 c 3 nonprofit, FWA Survivors to assist in the foundation of bringing telemental health services to survivors of human trafficking. Today FWA Survivors has over 50 active volunteers and an active board working on the development of a telemental app that is expected to launch in 2022. In addition to telemental services, the foundation is establishing a animal assistance program that will assist in human trafficking survivors receive emotional support animals as part of their healing journey. Follow this link to learn more and join in the mission to bring healing to survivors. 

In addition to founding the nonprofit, Air has published two bestseller novels about overcoming her experiences in the books Models Stop Traffic and Trafficking Aftermath. These books are available on Amazon and in a large retailer book store near you. 

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SuperBowlThe Freedom ProjectJan 2020Partnership FWA Freedom Movement

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florida healthcare naturopathy

According to the Florida Naturopathic Physician Association (FNPA), naturopathic practice distinguishes itself from other health care practitioners by its holistic approach, not the specific treatments it uses. Therapy is directed at the whole person and at the underlying cause of illness, such as the patient’s lifestyle, diet, and emotional state. 

History of Naturopathy in Florida

Naturopathic practitioners were first licensed in Florida in 1927. In 1957, the
Legislature abolished the licensing authority for naturopathy. Only those
naturopathic practitioners licensed at that time could continue to be licensed and no new licenses have been issued (s. 462.023, F.S.). Currently, only seven naturopathic practitioners have active licenses. These licensees are regulated by the Division of Medical Quality Assurance of the Department of Health. 

Reasons Given for Licensure

According to the Florida Naturopathic Physician Association (FNPA), licensure is
needed to allow for:
• Improved consumer access to health care–consumers desire access to safe and cost effective natural treatment options provided by specifically
trained physician-level professionals.
• Naturopathic physicians to practice as trained–without licensure, new naturopathic physicians are unable to practice to the full extent of their
• Insurance coverage–some insurance companies cover some naturopathic services, but new practitioners can not be reimbursed because they are unable to become licensed as naturopathic physicians.
• Training of naturopathic physicians in Florida-the new Florida College of
Integrative Medicine in Orlando is able to train naturopathic physicians, but they can not practice in Florida unless they are already licensed as medical or osteopathic physicians.
• Increased cost effectiveness of health care-the profession considers naturopathic treatment to be a cost effective alternative to conventional medicine because it emphasizes prevention, patient participation, and technologically simpler treatments. Licensing of naturopathic physicians in twelve states and other countries. Naturopathy practice acts currently exist in twelve states: Alaska; Arizona; California; Connecticut; Hawaii; Maine; Montana; New Hampshire; Oregon; Utah; Vermont; and Washington. 

Three Types of Regulation

The three primary forms of regulation used to grant individuals the right or privilege to perform certain activities are licensure, certification and registration. Although these terms are often used interchangeably, the literature on professional regulation makes the following distinctions:

• Licensure is the most restrictive mechanism and entails the creation of a monopoly on the regulated activity of a profession through enactment of profession-specific Practice Acts. Licensed practitioners gain an exclusive right to deliver services, and the profession enjoys protection of its title.
• Certification is less restrictive than licensure. It is achieved through the use of title protection acts that give a designated “recognition” to individuals who meet qualifications set by a regulatory agency. Noncertified individuals may still offer services, but they are prohibited from
using the term 11certified” or the designated title. Certification is also used in the context of licensure, as in the American Medical Association’s scheme of specialty boards which certify physicians specializing in different practice areas. In this context, certification denotes that a licensed practitioner has met certain professional standards.
• Registration is the least restrictive regulatory mechanism and is achieved through registration requirement acts. Registration requires an individual
to file his or her name and address with a designated agency. Unlike licensure, registration does not require complex or onerous pre-entry screening requirements, nor is a registration regime exclusionary. It does little more than provide a roster of practitioners.